YaYaWoo collaboration with GameAxis

recently just done this piece of art work.
is an art work done to submit for GameAxis magazine from Singapore.
YaYaWoo been selected and invited by NOISE to join collaboration with GameAxis Magazine.
this is the 1st time YaYaWoo step out from Malaysia, i feel so happy and excited la!
although Singapore is only beside Malaysia, but i think is a 1 big step for YaYaWoo~
and now is waiting for their approval...
hope can c this art work inside GameAxis magazine on Jan 2008.
and hope can do more collaboration with others designer overseas...


iamwen said...

congratulation to you dude! yayawoo is the best!

VivienTanWeiWen. said...

haha my friends are interested in the leather products lah :) . oh and keep up the good work ;)

fat fat FAT . muahahaha .

edmund said...

thanks to kelvin~ ^^

tanweiwen, ur friend really interested in the leather products ah?
still got some others new products is coming soon...
stay tune ok?

VivienTanWeiWen. said...
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