Funny Mr. Potato Head~

I remember last time when i was very young, i watch before Mr.Potato Head show on TV...
then saw Mr. Potato Head inside Toy Story too~ hahaha...
that day we went to Toys 'r' us, we saw a lots of different kind of Potato head and with a lots of different accessories for him~
and we also get 1, hahaha... since he also 1 of the Toy Story character~
when open up the box, we can c it is really a very simple toy for kids,
but once u start to combine his face, u will know actually is fun when u put all the things in the other ways~ hahaha... damn funny when play with it~
now i cant wait to get more accessories for him!!!


Anonymous said...

eh u try to change the face into picaso la...then post up let me see..sure funny d.XD


Eva Eva said...

wah, handsome potato head =)