Black Bird, Fly ::: My 1st try

ok, here is my 1st roll for BlackBird Fly.
1st try with Provia (because the owner load jor, but didnt shoot)

so, for my 1st roll, most of the pics is come out,
but not really satisfied, because most of the pics is using flash,
found tat when using flash, the outcome not really nice >.<
and havent really try shooting outdoor when daylight.
i think the outcome should be nice when shooting sunny day ^^
some more the "long long" (side whole) effect very nice~

now going to load 2nd roll, and will burn it while back to Kuantan this CNY~ lets take a look the

the result of my 1st roll of BBF :
Thanks for hooi steady hand shoot this pic for us, but we didnt load the film nicely >.<

here goes the pics with Flash :

here goes the pics with long exposure :~THANKS FOR VIEWING~


beebee said...

munmun nice first roll yehh~

green green new year~hehe

yayawoo said...

beebee : erm... ok ok saja lah! not satisfied la~ hope can get better result ^^

Dick Chua said...

Nice try!! :)

yayawoo said...

Dick : Thanks dick, now i going for 2nd roll ^^

lcfu said...

i gonna get a lomo soon!!

yayawoo said...

lcfu : thanks for dropping by ^^ faster get 1 and LOMO together with us ^^