I miss my mom cooking

for those who visited to my Kuantan house b4,
sure u guys taste b4 my mom's cooking, rite? ^^

last last weekend, i went back to Kuantan for public holiday,
and my uncle bought us some prawns and crabs!
so my mom cook us delicious home made sea food!!!

mom make the dinner in steamboat way,
so tat those kids can eat fish and meat balls ^^
(some of them allergic with seafood)

Delicious Crab!!!

Juicy big prawn!!!

oh yeah, my mom also got made some dumplings ^^

my lovely family ^^

together with my mom delicious dinner ^^

i really love my mom cooking ^^


fufu said...

crabs~~~~ ohh.... I WANNA EAT

yayawoo said...

hahaha... next time come east coast visit me la ^^
then can bring u eat some seafood ^^

rice said...


S8j said...

havnt been east coast before....
(* ~,*)ting~ ting~

yayawoo said...


S8j, kahgiap and yingtze also havent visit to east coast! ajak them go together la! ^^

kahgiap said...

if i go, i wont go with ying tze lo..

yt : 不可以吃那蝦,太高膽固醇了!不過你可以剝蝦殼給我。。。
s8j: hahahahahah~~~~!!!!!

yayawoo said...

KahGiap, don k la!
jus go there and makan saja la!
(yingtze, not everyday ma ^^)

Eva Eva said...

isk. crab. prawn. ENVY!!!

yayawoo said...

vava, no envy! ask bb bring u come again! always welcome u guys here to east coast and telok kalong ^^

Hooi said...

i love crab crab~!!!
Everything looks very very very very very delicious~!!!

Hooi said...

Edmund, when can i join a trip to visit your family????? cannot tahan ler~!!

yayawoo said...

hooi, anytime dude! anytime~