KLDW Exhibitions

Yesterday i visited to Capital Square for the KLDW exhibition.
I saw a lots of cute and cool stuff there! and here i share some pics with u guys ^^

hopefully u guys can spend some time to take a visit and give some support for our local very 1st Design Week ^^

click HERE for the map to Capital Square.

cute fabric doll from Roomism.

Teddy Bee & Ruff Hand Made Figure from MichaelChua design. (sculpted by Mimi Yong)

very cute MARI-Brand from Japan.

the local famous design forum - PIPIT!!!

Collaboration works from Mi2 and local designers.

a lots of trees full with BECOME eco bags.


actually still got some others thing i haven't took picture yet.
this Wednesday I'll visit there again to shoot more pics to share with u guys.
and get chance to know more friends from every where ^^

by the way, this coming Saturday, they going to have a great closing party.
hope to see you guys there la ^^


yisuen said...

cool! wished i was there too :(

Hooi said...

Waaa~!!! mund~!! very cute ler...
I like the puppet sitting one the aeroplane one the most... really hope can bring that home.. so cute so cute~!!!

yayawoo said...

yisuen, we all also wish u were here >.<

hooi, tat 1 is master piece la! the only 1 saja!!!
so u cant take home >.<

rice said...

got many cute things there... very nice

yayawoo said...

hahaha... i think the best part is the MARI-Brand there! really love her section ^^

Eunice K. said...

Edmund 你的blog怎麼變大了這樣多!! :p

yayawoo said...