GALA GALA Valentines Tee

Fresh out from GALA GALA is this Valentines Tee which comes in 2 design, "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE" and ""福虎". This year, the Year Of The Tiger, is only the third time since 1900 that Chinese New Year has fallen on the same day (February 14) as Valentine’s Day. This means the entire year is going to be filled with passion and capable of great love, so we take advantage of this special day and come out this 2 design of Valentines Tee. Just released on yesterday 2nd Feb 2010, make your orders now at GALA GALA Online Store as it is limited to 30 pieces only for each design. Check out the pics!

Price : "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE" RM33, "福虎" RM37
Wanna give something special to the one you love?
How about GALA GALA Valentines Series Tee, "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE" & "福虎"
Only 30pcs for each design, and come with S, M, L and Baby Tee.

For you peeps who are interested, immediately leave down your order as these are sure to sell like hot cakes! ^^


Mika said...

i want~ hw can i get this?? i want a 2 "all you need is love". One with baby tee L size and normal M size. If baby tee doesn't have such size, just give me normal M will do.. ^^ my e-mail address is

yayawoo said...

Thanks for visited to our blog ^^
Mika, we already email you the details.
so pls check your mail ok?
we will wait for ur feedback ^^

小彬彬 said...



yayawoo said...

小彬彬 thanks for the support!
we already sent you an email,
pls check ^^