1st time on LHOTW

thanks to the HEROES ^^

LHOTW = LOMO Home Of The Week

Joey, suddenly msn me while lunch time, and said congratz~
then i feel weird and ask her back wat happen? y congratz me?
then only i know get the LHOTW!!!

I so happy and excited to know bout this news!!!
although didnt win any prizes... but for me, is more than very happy!!
it is my 1st time, to get this LHOTW.
is really happy!!!
thanks to the both HEROES inside my pics, hehehe....
u guys really my HEROES!!


iamwen said...

congrats again dude!.. hehe..
wanna ask you.. is it ok if i pass jeff solaris film to you as well.. because he still have ebx with you right.. do you mind sending it together with your ebx?? hehe

dominic said...

congrat bro...
lhotw... sweet!

yisuen said...

congratz XD