Melaka x Canon G9

Alvin driving with cool style~

Melaka with clear sky, lovely weather~

the Junker street full of Chinese New Year atmosphere~

the old street, so peaceful~

we visit to KLAN again to meet up with JOE~

Alvin in front of KLAN

we have our dinner here~

the Junker street full of ppl when the night fall....

Happy Chinese New Year guys~

Finally!!! we success to finish 1 day trip to Melaka!!!
we plan to visit to Melaka again since last year end... and till now we already come back from there.
Alvin is the driver for this trip, together with Mc, Nasi and me~
the trip to reach to Melaka is smooth~
no traffic jam, and no wrong way, hahaha...

firstly we went there actually wanna look for some 2nd hand or old camera, but failed...
then have a small lomo outing there together, then Alvin can try out with his new LCA+ and together with his wide angle lens~
then we jalan-jalan(walk), makan-makan(eat), beli-beli (buy)~ damn enjoy and relax!!!
and thanks to the weather, the weather is really damn nice that day!!!
blue blue sky with white cloud!

and finally I can visit to KLAN again to meet up with JOE,
but too bad, we need to back to KL at night, so cant have some drinks with JOE at TRIBE HOUZ
wait for next trip la~ ^^

ok la, lets take a look on the pics i took with Canon G9
(my company let me buy a camera for office using, so i choose this, Canon G9)
i really love this camera, and the result for the image, is really satisfied!!!
especially the color of the camera, sharp and damn colorful!!!

cant wait to visit to Melaka again next time!!


Dick Chua said...

Wow... G9, great camera!! I got a G7, I love it alot too! The only thing I hate is they don't take 3x2 ratio, but they do hav the wide one 16x9, that's what I always use!

Eh... go Melacca never ajok~ :P

dominic said...

nice trip huh?

edmund said...

i'm not really good with camera la~
wats means ratio?
wats tat 3x2 or 16x9??
can u teach me bout tis?
thanks la~

Dick Chua said...

4x3 is the size of what you show here.
3x2 is the size of LCA pics.
16x9 is the wider size like some widescreen movies.