1st Outing Year 2008, Perlis.

5th Jan 2008, 14 member of Lomography Malaysia head to North of Malaysia, Perlis and Hadyai~
for the 1st outing in year 2008!

this trip is really fun and enjoyable,
i don know how to tell u guys how enjoy and how happy i am,
when lomo lomo around with u guys!!!
really having a lots of great great time!!
really miss that time!!!
thanks for Kah Giap, thanks for every 1 who join this trip!!!
thanks for everything, the foods, drinks, games, photos, laugh, everything...

now juz hope next outing is coming soon...
so tat we can hang out again,
and have happy time together again.

wish u guys all the best and take k ok?


dominic said...

nice pics bro...
nice trip too.. huh?

jeepeng said...


yisuen said...

very nice pics :D

edmund said...

thanks dude~
hope can join the next trip with all u guys again~