Sparklemind x Edmund

This is the 1st time i doing collaboration with others LOMO member ^^
his name is ROBERT ROJALES (Sparklemind) from Manila~
this is one of the collaboration project they done last time... (quite long time already...)
and now finally i finish it, develop it and post it here!
i hope Sparklemind can c this~
(but too bad i cant find the roll tat i took, don know pass to who... >.<) anyway, this is really a great experience doing collabs with friends! i hope got more collab works coming on! ^^


marionuclear said...

OMG!!!! (O__O)

-mc- said...

nice shot!!!~^^~

yayawoo said...

marionuclear : paiseh paiseh! is my 1st try~ hope got more collaboration with more friends ^^

mc : i waiting for ur collabs oh! ^^

Dick Chua said...

super cool shots!!

yayawoo said...

Dick : thanks bro ^^ (kalau can cross with u lagi COOL!!) hahaha..