Transformers Titanium Series : STARSCREAM

tat day, i went to Singapore, after the toy fair, i follow Kenny Chua and Fatt zai visit to others toy shop in Singapore (because Fatt zai is looking for his LEGO collection ^^) and then i found this,
Transformers Titanium Series : STARSCREAM

another Starscream for my own collection. I saw this Starscream on internet b4, juz i cant find it in M'sia, but luckily i found it in Singapore ^^ (and is the only 1 box in the shop...)
the special part for this Starscream is most of the part on body is made by Metal, so is quite heavy although is small, and because of tat, the movement tat it can do become less... >.<
and the finishing color is not really well done... less details too... >.<
but as my own collection, so must buy lo~ kakaka...