The Baphuon

Ha, I'm so happy that actually really got people read my blog recently.
So I decided continue write a bit about The Baphuon before we continue with the photos:

"The Baphuon temple was built by King Udayadityavarman II in the 11th century. It is located within Angkor Thom, near the Royal Palace. In fact, when the Baphuon was built, there was no Angkor Thom yet. At the time of its completion in 1060, the Baphuon was the largest temple of its time, surpassed only when Angkor Wat was built a century later. The walls of Angkor Thom was also built much later, with the Bayon temple added in around then."

erm... if you wanna know more, you can click HERE! (Wikipedia will tell you more)

The place Guanyin Ma & YingTze standing is actually entrance gate to The Baphuon Temple.

All the temple wall collapsed into itself due to its massive weight and to rain that filter through its stones.

Although already collapsed... and now become a quite nice spot for photo shooting.

And here is this, The Baphuon Temple.
Before I reach here, I actually took a long long way from bridge that link to here.
(but i forgot to take the picture of the bridge >.<) By the 20th century, much of the temple had largely collapsed, they now still doing the restoring work, putting the pieces back together again.
The Baphuon also knew as the world's biggest jigsaw puzzle in stone.
They had to piece together 300,000 pieces of this monumental jigsaw puzzle.

1 of the Apsara I found between all this stones and stones.

After that we continue walk, and we visited to this, Terrace of the leper king.

And we follow a hidden passageway (look like a maze), inside here we can see a lots of Apsaras and Nagas occupy the seven metre high wall face and still in a very good condition.

LOL... Guanyin Ma also found that 1 piece of the Apsara carvings on the front wall of The Leper King Terrace already lost!

Ok, Lets head to the next temple, the spectacular temple of Angkor Wat!!!

To Be Continue...


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Hareame said...

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yayawoo said...

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everything is so AWESOME!
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