Cambodia, The Land of Wonders.

Wondering where we traveling lately?
Yup, we just visited to The Land of Wonders, Cambodia!

Erm... I'm not so good in writing,
So I think is better to let the photos to do the 'telling story' job ^^

Well, here is the member who joining this trip to Cambodia, Hooi, WeiWei, KahGiap, YingTze and my lovely gf Guanyin Ma.

Let's take a snap before the flight take off.

Good Morning Cambodia!

Landed safely at Siem Reap Airport.
Blue sky, warm sunlight, windy air... really a great time for travel and shooting around.

Behind us is Angkor Voyage Villa, cheap and nice place, recommended.

The 1st lunch we having in Cambodia, just too bad I forgot the name of the restaurant, the food there is very nice and delicious! Specially the local pork rice I order, really love the taste.

After lunch, we take a walk around the area we staying and visited the Old Market.

We saw a lots of very creative and nice recycle bag, I love the graphic they using.
(actually the material is made from the rice bag)

Local Traditional Puppet, very details very interesting.

The street near to Angkor Voyage Villa.
Around here got a lots of guest house and restaurants, so is very convenience.

The other street around Angkor Voyage Villa.
Before we take this shoot, actually got a lots of bikes, motors and cars drive thru, and is very dusty.

Sleeping cat... Cats, you can see them every where.

One of the evening sunset shot inside the guest house we staying.

Guess what? Fish massage is now very popular there, we can see it every where in the town.

Stay tune for the next post, The Bayon Temple, to be continue...


Anonymous said...

hihi, what camera u were using for taken these pictures?

yayawoo said...

Hi there, I'm using Natura Classica to shoot all the pics I posted.

S8j said...

blog photo is bigger, nicer! XXD

yayawoo said...

kakakaka... hope u enjoy the pics!
and sorry if the wording boring u guys >.<