Chine New Year Theme : "福虎"

Yeah~ Chinese New Year coming very soon!!!
GALA GALA changed to a new theme : "福虎"

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of 2010 is the Year of the Tiger,
That's why we using a cute tiger as our theme,
and name "福虎" (Blessing Tiger)

Like the "福虎"? Stay tune for the product from "福虎" ^^

Hope you guys love the theme we design.

and don't forget to scroll till to the bottom ok? ^^

Thanks for viewing~


Hareame said...

it's just so cute. Really like it. Going to make it wallpaper or something? ^_^

yayawoo said...

we going to make it into SOMETHING!!!
so stay tune ok? ^^

S8j said...

holidays mood de lak~ need to wait after 1 weeks lak!

yayawoo said...

me already Holiday mood now ^^ hahahaha....