after i show u guys the cool stuff, now i show u guys the CUTE STUFF!!! hahaha...
check it out~

aahhh!!! u c this SILKY TERRIER is so CUTE!!! ^^

this both SILKY TERRIER is so tiny!!! (and also very shy, hahaha...)

we visit to a shop tat selling pet clothes, and we saw this 2 lovely MINICHER PINSCHER~

they both really lovely, keep stick with the shop owner ^^

and we also saw this very cute white POMERANIAN when we bought dog treats~

and very very tiny CHI HUA HUA is sleeping inside the cage~ (got LV bed, hahaha...)

this statue is cute, we found it at WAT PHO temple ^^

hey, this is my favorite pet!!! 娃娃鱼 (大鲵, Andrias davidianus) is so cute!!! is hard to find this pet in Malaysia... BUT, the sure thing is my gf sure won let me keep this pet!!! because.... when it grow up and bigger... no more cute and will become UGLY!!! hahaha.... not believe??

see this~ this is the Andrias davidianus tat grow bigger~ and tats really how it looks like!!! (and it can grow bigger and bigger... >.<) after saw the ugly Andrias davidianus, lets c the lovely fishy swimming inside SIAM PARAGON food court aquarium ^^

and guess wat? we bought this lovely "PET" back home~ hahaha... (hope Hachi won attack her... >.<)
here got 2 short clips tat i took ... enjoy ^^


Eva Eva said...

wah...ini...娃娃鱼 (大鲵, Andrias davidianus)i wish i can bring her home. hehehehe =P

yayawoo said...

eva : the 娃娃鱼 u can find it at Ikano PET SAFARI if not wrong (last time i found 1 there) but very expensive... and not easy to take care oh!! >.<

marionuclear said...

omg-ly really cute tat Andrias, even when it becomes bigger XD.
n those lovely dogs~.~

yayawoo said...

marionuclear : YES!!! THEY R SO CUTE!!! ^^

xiang said...

Edmund u so bad~
The doggie so cute leh :(

Janae said...

The Pomeranian looks just like my Bella

Janae said...

Very cute post