Thank you SUK 11

Hi guys, i'm back~ (jus back from Bangkok ^^)
1st of all, wat i wan to say is.... I LOVE BANGKOK!!!

overall the trip is great...
jus only the weather problem... keeps raining everyday... (we cant control it >.<) so we miss out quite few places tat we planning to go... (because of raining...) but nvm, because we all decided tat we will visit back to Bangkok again ^^ erm... wat should i write 1st bout bangkok... sure is SUK 11, the 1st place tat we visit once we reach Bangkok from airport~
(thanks for Syah intro us this nice place ^^)

Suk 11
this is the famous Suk 11 ^^

this is the room we stay, thanks for giving us Group Room (although we only got 3 person ^^)

very clean and lovely bathroom ^^

the wall tat full of signatures from around the world ^^

MC and my gf is relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere there~

u c my gf is so happy with Suk 11

Suk 11 lobby, place for ppl hang out, and make new friends and also place to eat~

Suk 11 counter, the place we check in

friendly staff at counter tat full of smiles ^^

early morning full of guest having breakfast together

simple and nice breakfast, we all enjoy it (the tin in the pics is fresh MILK, intro by YingTze)

the place we having our breakfast ^^

another nice place for u to sit down and enjoy ur time~

full of green green plants ^^

Suk 11 postcards (forgot to get 1 set, aiks... >.<) the corridor tat we need to pass everyday, is so traditional ^^

a smoking area juz beside our room , also a nice place to sit down to hv a drinks ^^

relaxing place on roof top of Suk 11

roof top view

all u can draw!! (jus don draw on the wood...)

yayawoo in Suk 11

another yayawoo in Suk 11

and found Syah signature LOMO pics in Suk 11

and also found signature from others friends tat we know ^^

well, Suk 11 is really a nice place for staying, specially for those backpackers ^^
Suk 11 is juz like a big family ^^
thanks again to Suk 11 and we'll back again next time~


marionuclear said...

walao so nice!..
how many days u go?
n ur signature...nice n cute~
lol...makes the wall more lovely~

yayawoo said...

marionuclear : we go there for 5 days and 4 nites~ thanks for the comments next time must visit to SUK 11 ok? ^^

Eva Eva said...

WOW. munmun. Suk11 definately will be on my list for my next visit to bkk!!! nice place!!
ooo//btw, MC cut her hair!! =)

Ivery said...

wow... Suk 11 so cool!! love the place!! ^o^

yayawoo said...

eva : munmun pulak.. -..-"
yeah, MC cut her hair jor, very 'yeng'!!! Suk 11, MUST GO!!!

ivery : wat u waiting for?? faster ask mike bring u to Bangkok!!! sure u will crazy~ wuahaha....

rice said...

nice place... next time must go there...

haha... nasi goreng..精神在,肉體不在..
last time wengnam wrote it for me, cuz i cant go with them... >.< haiz..

yayawoo said...

rice : go go go!!! LOMO outing at Bangkok!!! jus like last time we outing at Hatyai ^^

Jason Thai said...

I just back from Suk 11 last week XD Nice guest house indeed. Just wonder why suddenly so many ppl suddenly go to Bangkok?

yayawoo said...

jason : oh~ u also back from Suk 11 last week?? me too ^^ too bad didnt c u around~ yes indeed, Suk 11 is full of guest >.<

ten1o said...

nice place to stay :) so lovely ^-^ miss ya counting down leh :P

yayawoo said...

ten10 : yeah, really lovely place~ staff also lovely!! (got leng lui staff there some more~ wohoo!!)

Jason Thai said...

The leng lui looks like Japanese... XD

* j a n e * said...

Everyone loved BANGKOK! So do me! Just went there last month. =)

yayawoo said...

Jason : yup~ the leng lui really look like Japanese ^^ ( i got take pics with her ^^)

Jane : yeah, every 1 come back from Bangkok sure love it ^^ so do i~ must visit back again ^^

eun said...

wow~~~hotel so cool wor!!

haha, yayawoo@bangkok!! nice job.

btw, "yoyowoo" is 上海話 wor!?

yayawoo said...

eun : yoyowoo means wat in shanghai?? hahaha... next time must visit to tat guest house ya ^^