Land of smiles : Bangkok

when we reach Bangkok air port (Suvarnabhumi International Airport),
we can c this slogan around...

Bangkok, really a place tat full of smiles~
they will smile with u and "Sawasdee (~kap)"

(but still got some unfriendly taxi driver la, kekeke...)

erm... 1st of all... because of the the weather tat time we go is very not good!!
keep raining and raining... and the sky is only appear in gray color...
really not a good time for shoot, all the pics i shoot is very dull...
hope u guys won mind la....

and i also didnt shoot much la... worry the camera get wet...
during shopping session lazy to take out the camera (and also a lots of shopping place or night market they won allow u shooting... sighs... >.<) may be worry we copy their stuff i think... ok, here goes some parts of the pics i took ^^ jus reach the airport, u c my gf so excited, run so fast~ hahaha...

1 of the corner of airport, look so nice ^^

always heard my friends said Bangkok traffic really jam... now i know is true!!

the famous shopping center, CENTRAL WORLD!!!

inside CENTRAL WORLD... is so damn HUGE!!!

out side of the CENTRAL WORLD... u c the sky... so dark... going to rain again... >.< inside BTS Line... also full of people!!!

the BTS Line station...

and this is the station near where we stay, NANA station~

1 of the coffee house we visit in AMARIN PLAZA, got free ice coffee for us, some more got free internet to use ^^

the very famous bag packer area, KHAO SAN road! (full of Mat Salleh ^^)

our favorite place to hang out at nite, SUAN LUM Night Bazaar ^^

LOFT, 1 of the shop inside SIAM DISCOVERY CENTER! (a lots of cool stuff to buy here!!)

SIAM PARAGON, very high class shopping center!!! I love this place ^^

outside SIAM PARAGON, a lots of ppl around here, relaxing ~

super market inside SIAM PARAGON, full of delicious food inside here!!!

we take our lunch inside SIAM PARAGON, nice food court they having ^^

another kind of transportation in Bangkok, Motorbike ^^

and very famous transport in Thailand, 'TUK TUK'!!

1 of the very beautiful statue inside airport, look so nice la!! (erm... wat we have inside KLIA ah??)


Eva Eva said...

loft : the place i bought my holga!!!!!!!

yayawoo said...

eva : LOFT now selling a lots of HOLGA stuff la~ leather skin sticker for HOLGA, differents colors of HOLGA, 110, 120, 135 and Pinhole HOLGA they also selling!!!
really a lots of COOL stuff there!!!

Gilamon said...

Thanks for those pictires and descriptions. They make good reference for my next trip there. I heard the new Bangkok airport is very messy, you think so?

yayawoo said...

gilamon : ur welcome dude~ erm... new bangkok airport ah... not as messy as u think la... still ok la ^^ at least u won get lost ^^

eun said...

ur pic very nice ar edmund, i like nana station, hehe~~any lomo pics??

i want to go Thai too ar~~~~~~ >_<
i want to shopping!!!!!

yayawoo said...

eun : LOMO pics coming very soon... ^^