Giroro Robo MK-II

Corporal Giroro (ギロロ伍長 Giroro-gochō)

is the single unit mobile infantry of the Keroro Platoon and the number one sharpshooter of the Keron Army. His blood type is B. He is a red Keronian who has a scar over his left eye. His symbol is a skull which, unlike the other Keronians, is only on his hat. In lieu of a belly symbol, he diagonally straps across his body a belt with a rectangular buckle which contains a picture of Natsumi. The belt is priceless since it serves both as his good luck charm and as a reminder of his friends who died in a Keron War. Without it, he loses most of his mechanical abillities and is utterly inept as a soldier, much less an A-class gun wielder. However as a tadpole, he carried his skull symbol on his hat and belly and was not afflicted with the scar across his face.

Giroro is my brother favorite character~ i think he got collected all the Giroro model kit figure ^^


ling said...

giroro is coming!!!! nice ler....