Tamama Robo MK-II

Private Second Class Tamama (タママ二等兵 Tamama-nitohei)
Tamama is possessed of a tendency to have mood swings that border on a split personality, just like his partner Momoka Nishizawa. While usually gentle and cheerful, Tamama can become a vengeful, raving maniac at the drop of a hat. This change is usually accompanied by the sound of a balloon popping.

Tamama is my gf most favorite character inside Keroro anime series~
she love Tamama, is because Tamama is very cute! (but when Tamama get jealous... he will become totally crazy maniac!! )

hope u guys also like Tamama ^^


ten1o said...

yERrrr.. so CUTE!!! i wan!!! dun care, i curi urs whole series *-*

yayawoo said...

ten10 : hahaha... u havent c others yet... may be others is not cute leh~
hehehe... ^^

ling said...

ten10 go curi hor?!
den ten10 help me curi de KERORO....i jus wan KERORO...XD

yayawoo said...

ling : keroro robo mark II still safely inside my room ^^